Do you make the phone cases yourself?
I don't make the actual phone cases, but I design and heat press your designs on to the metal plate which I stick onto the phone case.


Are your cases protective?
Yes, my phone cases provide substantial protection to your phone!


Will the cases look exactly the same as pictured?
I use product mockup shots of my case designs as I cannot physically print and press the hundreds of designs available on my website as it would be a waste of product. Please understand that the mockups I use are not of the actual cases I send to you, but they are 99% the same! Please head to my Instagram to see actual product shots of my cases I send to my customers.


How do I become a stockist? 
We're so glad to hear you're considering retailing LaHa cases! Please reach out at laura.harriss@hotmail.com for more details.
Why is my parcel delayed in transit?
Postal systems are experiencing many delays amid the global pandemic. We appreciate your patience & understanding as we all work together to get you your parcels as quickly as possible.